Viral Video Marketing

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The Secret To Viral Video Marketing: How You Can Make Your Video Go Viral

Although there’s no way to guarantee the kind of exposure a viral video can provide, there are things that businesses can do to increase their chances of viral success. Going viral usually isn’t an accident. The people behind the internet’s most popular videos utilized complex marketing strategies.

If you understand the secrets of viral video marketing, you can create the kinds of videos viewers will love. Keep these tips in mind as you work to create your next video.

Understand Why Things Go Viral

Uploading a video to YouTube isn’t enough to make it go viral. You’ll also need to take steps to promote that video and make sure it gets seen.

Share your video on sites like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Try to get your video seen by influential people who might enjoy it. For example, if you’ve created a video about shoes, you might want to tweet it to prominent fashion bloggers.

Very few videos go viral without outside promotion. Put in the effort to ensure your hard work gets seen.

Keep Things Short, And Keep Production Levels High

A lot of people watch video content at work or school, which means they don’t have time for lengthy videos. Ideally, your video should be less than three minutes long. That way, anyone who wants to can watch it to completion.

While you don’t want to create long videos, you should try to create videos that are high quality. Invest in a decent camera, and make sure you use quality lighting. Select a thumbnail that shows of your videos high production values. That will incentivize people to click play.

Choose The Right Keywords

A lot of video traffic comes from searches. Make sure that you include plenty of relevant keywords in your video’s title and description.

When creating keywords, try to think the sort of things people search for. You may want to spend some time conducting keyword research. While you shouldn’t choose keywords that are inaccurate, you should try to pick keywords that get a lot of attention.

Don’t Release Your Video On A Weekend

Because so many people watch videos at work, launching your video on a weekend can get you off to a rocky start. It’s best to launch a new video on a Monday or a Tuesday. That way, you can get plenty of traffic during the week, and can get attention from websites and blogs when the weekend rolls around.

Make Sure Your Video Is Fun

All the strategies in the world can’t make a dull video go viral. Above all else, your video should be entertaining. Don’t create a video if you don’t know who it will appeal to. An entertaining and humorous video will have a high chance of success.

Once you understand how viral video marketing works, it’ll be easier for you to create successful videos. While these strategies won’t always make you an overnight success, they will ensure that your videos get watched.

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Six Incredible Video Marketing Benefits

These days, attention spans tend to be limited. People are surrounded by content, and marketers will have to work hard to get their attention. That’s why video content is so important. A well-crafted video allows you to transmit paragraphs worth of information in just a few seconds.

In addition, video content is what visitors prefer. YouTube gets billions of views every day, and its users tend to be extremely engaged. Video is the future, and marketers need to get on board.

Here are a few of the many video marketing benefits:

1. Videos Are Easy To Search

Because YouTube is such a popular site, videos tend to rank very highly in internet searches. A video with well-chosen keywords should easily be able to rise to the top of the search engine ranks, as Carey Baird has shown. Videos are a great way to help a business or product get noticed.

2. Videos Are Mobile Friendly

While data plans once limited mobile video usage, all that is beginning to change. One recent study showed that 50% of all mobile traffic is video streaming. Many people exclusively use mobile devices to access the internet, which means that it’s important to create content that appeals to this audience.

Although ads are frequently blocked or skipped by people on desktop computers, over 80% of users will finish watching ads on a mobile device. Mobile video marketing provides an excellent return on investment.

3. Users Trust Video Marketing

While people tend to be automatically skeptical of print ads, they’re far more trusting of video marketing. In one study, nearly 50% of consumers said that they trusted the video ads they saw online. As audiences get harder to reach, it’s important to create content that will have an impact on them.

4. Video Marketing Has A High Conversion Rate

Getting lots of views doesn’t mean anything if those viewers can’t be converted into customers. However, video marketing tends to be incredibly effective. Major businesses have reported that included a video significantly increases the chances that a customer will make a purchase.

5. Videos Are Easy To Integrate

Videos don’t have to be limited to YouTube. They can easily be embedded on product pages, blog posts, or on the main page of a website. In addition, videos can easily be shared on social media. In fact, many social media networks allow users to watch shared videos directly through their site.

6. Videos Have An Emotional Impact

When you make a video ad, you’re not just showing moving pictures. You’re telling a story. If viewers connect to your video, it can entertain them and impact them emotionally. When you’re marketing a product or service, you don’t just want it to be seen. You want it to make people feel something.

As you can see, video marketing benefits can’t be ignored. Video marketing is incredibly effective, which is why so many companies are opting to use it. Don’t get left behind. See how you can use videos in your marketing strategies.